Harrisham Sonnet

Harrisham Sonnet

Harrisham Sonnet is a sonnet form created by: Harrisham Minhas.

Harrisham Sonnet is written in 3 stanzas consisting of 2 sestets and a couplet.For each of the stanzas, the last letter of the first word of each line is the first letter of the first word of the next line.
There is no restriction on the starting letter of the first line in each of the stanzas.
There is no restriction on the syllable count in this form, but it is required that the poem should have a good rhythm to it.
Rhyming scheme:

First stanza : ababab
Second stanza: cdcdcd
Third stanza: ee


Optimistic Avenues

(Harrisham Sonnet)

Whenever life’s colorful mosaics appear to fade,
reach for hopeful dyes and create the desired hues.
Halt the path of scary vultures who try to invade,
tell your will’s giant scarecrows to bid them adieu.
Life presents mirth in various masquerades,
eradicate dulling thoughts, for smiles you pursue.

They’re grounded by gravity, still trees propel higher,
emerging through bitter and pleasing climes,
growing in abundance is what many beings desire,
garnering self-belief helps to successfully climb.
God always listens, humbly his blessings you acquire.
Do what is right, don’t lose your morals over the time.

Let the carpet embody all negative shards outside the door,
terminate all sorrows, don’t summon sadness anymore.

Copyright © Harrisham Minhas. All Rights Reserved.


One thought on “Harrisham Sonnet

  1. Hello Harrisham. I too, wrote a Harrisham Sonnet to enter in your contest at Allpoetry but for some reason, could not post it… By the way, I think, I should post it here… 🙂 Keep writing;

    Spectacles of vast, wise hills in the chestnut sun,
    Sacred words that their crooked turf land hoots,
    Dauntless waters, amid the narrow vale would run,
    Sea of prawns flow above the weird inquisition of roots,
    And only the lasting chime of nature – full of fun,
    Delivers the last of the poet’s tributes,

    Whimsical works behind the grey beard face,
    Lurks in awe of the ultimate surrender,
    Smiles where the death proximate, nature he’d grace,
    Sense the last breath of the life so tender,
    Effaces with nature in a basket case,
    So passes by a poet, so his splendor,

    They call him an iron hand in a velvet glove,
    Yawl he, “Earth was my first love”

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